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[How To] Install .deb file Cydia

[How To] Install .deb file Cydia

Install .deb file: first of all, what is a .deb file ?

It is a package which contains everything you need to install an application (often coming from Cydia). The package is edited by hackers, they modify the code lines and then it becomes a cracked application.

There are several methods listed below which I read from some sites and unable to implement them , or may be anyone of you find those methods easier thats why I also explained those methods.

Method I use and Feel Comfortable with:

First of all , i would like to explain the method which I used for the installation of the Cydia Packages.


  • iPhone Explorer latest version Installed on your Computer
  • iTunes , Better to have the updated version of the iTunes
  • JailBroken iDevice. If you are having the Factory Unlocked iDevice then You are first required to install cydia on iDevice , Because only Cydia can execute the DEB file.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Now Attach  the iDevice with the computer via Data Cable
  • Open the iPhone Explorer Installed on your computer
  • Now you will see the Root Directory and Apps Folder named under the device name in the left hand panel . Open Root Directory >> var >> root >> media >>Cydia>>Auto Install
  • Place the .Deb package file downloaded , in the Auto Install folder via Drag and drop method in the right hand panel.
  • Now Reboot your iDevice and you will notice Cydia package file dropped in the precious step is now installed.

You can place as many .deb files at a time and then reboot will install all the .deb packages together. I tried this method on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3 and Using Windows 7 Home premium and I think this will the same way on MAC operating systems.

There’s different ways to install a .deb file, we will the main ones :

First method : Mobile Terminal
[Steps 2 and 3 are only if you never installed a .deb file with this method]

1:- Download the .deb file you want (example : LockInfo)
2:- Start Cydia, go to “Search”, type “Mobile Terminal” and install it


3:- Repeat step 2 for “OpenSSH”

Open SSH
Open SSH

4:- Start “MobileTerminal”

Mobile Terminal
Mobile Terminal

5:- Type the following commands :

  • su  (press return)
  • alpine  (press return)  /!\ You won’t see the typed password then don’t worry /!\
  • dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb  (press return, replace name of package with LockInfo for the example)

Note that you can rename the .deb file like 1.deb (it’s easier to type)

mobileterminal commands
mobileterminal commands


6:- Reboot

Second method : iFile (+ Safari Downloader)
Required :

If you experience some problems to access SSH :

  • Copy the file iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the installation folder of the SSH software used.
  • Display the hidden files
  • The file iTunesMobileDevice.dll is there : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin


1:- Start the SSH software you want (WinSCP, FileZilla, iFunBox…) and connect to your iPhone

2:- Copy a .deb file in var/Mobile/ or the folder you prefer

3:- Install the .deb file just by clicking on it

4:- Reboot your iPhone

Third method : AutoInstallation

1:- Connect to your iPhone with SSH software

2:- Create the folder Cydia/AutoInstall into var/root/Media/

3:- Reboot your iPhone

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