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Download iREB R5 [iRebr5] For Windows By iH8sn0w

Free iREB R5 For Windows By iH8snow:

iH8snow has released iReb R5 for windows today. iREB R5 has much smaller size with iOS 3.x to 5.x support. iREBR5 has fixed the issues related USB 3.0. Simply iREB is a window operating tool and it will also supports you to upgrade your iOS device to a custom iOS firmware file created using a tool like SnowBreeze. iREB r5 can put your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in a Pwned State. Whenever you are dealing with custom firmware files then iReb will help bypass iTunes errors such as 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603. This was the first time that he has taken so much time for ireb in nearly a year.

iReb R5

iReb R5

iH8sn0w Release Notes

iReb r5

iReb r5

What’s New In iReb R5

Much smaller file size (390kb).

Fixed USB 3.0 issues.

iREB’s speed for the iPhone 2G/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 1G has increased significantly!

Fixed rare DFU detection issues.

Updated limera1n/steaks4uce payload to not hook “cmd_go” on 4.x images (nothing severe, but useless here).

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