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Sara 0.3 Siri Clone for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Sara 0.3 is the free voice recognition utility and setting reminders or driving users crazy with nonsensical conversation. After the success of Siri on iPhone 4S and iOS 5, developers community is trying create its multi-variants having much interesting results. The best way to install Siri on an unsupported device has been Spire. It seems inevitable to have more as Siri replacements. Vietnamese Dev team created a new advanced iteration, which works by the effeminate pseudonym of Sara.  Sara v0.3 is versatile app allowing users to train it to accept new commands.

Sara 0.3

Sara 0.3

Sara 0.3 the latest Siri Clone has open” brain, aware to create plug-ins for special commands. After the success and adoption of Sara by the masses, Cydia home may have shortage of plug-ins. The most impressive feature is the decisive factor, which have ability to scan barcodes and QR codes.

Sara 0.3 works in various countries aside from the States getting success of favouritism. Sara is also available in more than 37 languages adding to its development.

You just have to add the following repository to your Cydia source list: and download the version of your choice on your device, but the device must be jailbroken to install this tweak. Get yourself updated for the various updates on Cydia.

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