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The Ultimate Fusion Of An iPad With A MacBook, Meet The MacBook Touch [VIDEO]

Few years back Apple users listened the rumors of the Apple release of magical and revolutionary touchscreen Mac contraption and laters they were quickly squashed while used a touchscreen interface on a Mac and turned to be an unnatural and bitter user experience. To cover up that situation, Fruit Company immediately launched the original iPad, who earned a tremendous success among the user interface.

Touchscreen Mac

Touchscreen Mac

Though the idea of touch screen Mac did’nt bring storming sessions for Apple, even then Apple never stops designers creating concepts of products and still the fame of Apple is popular in the marketplace and users as well. The iPhone, iPad and now the conceptual MacBook Touch are revolutionary sessions of Apple and these concepts definately appeal users who want to explore the versatility via iPad onto the table.

The fusion of MacBook Pro and an iPad is a wonderful fantasy and if possible then can be bizarre experiment. And if the experiment is carried out with the Apple logo then it will appeal the users giving at least one chance before making any decision. But the aesthetically possible and pleasing fantasy Touch would never work in true world as crazy hinge seems to be the center piece of the device.

You can say the MacBook Touch idea is a display of the designer’s skills and not really an attempt of giving a mockup in the real world. Still i would say the access to the usability of such a device is fantasy and it’s better to stay with your iPad and MacBook in the near future to avoid any unpleasant experience.

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