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Gearboy (Game Boy) 1.4 Color Emulator For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

“drhelius” has been released the latest version of Gearboy (Game Boy) to 1.4 with boot roms and option to save standard files. Now you can also import or export save files with other emulators and also rename them. As you know that Gearboy / Game Boy for iOS is color emulator which saves your progress every time you change games and when you quit, no action needed. Gearboy (Game Boy) is the wonderful free emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later up to iOS 7 too.  This beautiful emulator also has the support for iPhone 5 and all retina enabled devices. Roms need to be placed in /var/mobile/media/ROMs/GAMEBOY , making sure the folder has read/write permission. This is the folder where save files are created.

Gearboy (Game Boy) deb

Gearboy (Game Boy)

Gearboy permits you to download and open ROMs from other apps like Safari or Dropbox. This is an emulator and requires ROM images but NO ROMs are
included. Emulator has the support for both uncompressed and zip compressed roms. This emulator is free and if you found it helpful then we request you to support developer by donate him to appreciate for his great work.

Gearboy (Game Boy) 1.4 Features

  • Color emulator
  • support uncompressed and zip compressed roms
  • Delete ROMs
  • Boot roms
  • Standard save files
  • Import or export saves with other emulators
  • Rename option
  • Download and open ROMs from other apps like Safari or Dropbox
  • Compatible with all retina devices

What’s New In Gearboy (Game Boy) 1.4

Added Full Support For iOS7

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How To Install Gearboy (Game Boy) File On iDevices

Download Gearboy (Game Boy) 1.4

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