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Apple iPhone 5c Specs, Release Date And More Features – EveryThing Which You Need

iPhone 5c

Release Date iPhone 5C is the latest Smartphone after iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Its releasing along with iPhone 5S on 20th September. Apple also taking pre_orders for iPhone 5C from 10th September but on carrier. It lacks the Home button sensor and has same button like iPhone 5. It Also has the latest iOS version that is iOS 7 ... Read More »

iPhone 5S Apple Specs, Release Date And More Features – EveryThing Which You Need

iPhone 5S

Release Date iPhone 5s is releasing on 20th September 2013 and it can be pre_order from 10th September 2013. Its the Seventh Generation Phone by Apple Inc and has the additional Security system of taking finger prints which is installed in the Home button also has a ring around it. Apple Inc announced it officially during the media event on ... Read More »

iPad Mini Comparison Against iPad/Nexus 7/Kindle Fire [Rumored iPad]

Now in this report we are going to comparison the design of new iPad mini which said to be having a screen of 7.85 inches to the new Nexus 7 and Kindle fire. This new mini iPad is the best gossiping topic in these days & everyone is excited about this while waiting impatiently for its release. In tech memory ... Read More »

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S – Drop Test [VIDEO]

Apple vs Samsung is a great rivalry challenge for each other. Specifically a term Concrete is used for the smartest solid smartphone having a complete package of technology, gravity and designs and that’s the ultimate victor in this wonderful modern world that we live in. In this Concrete competition common sense is the vital aspect to prove or disprove the ... Read More »

PlayStation 4 Will House The Current AMD A8 CPU And Radeon HD 7670 Graphics

Everyone is excited to hear something about Sony’s PlayStation 4. Hope it will come to the screen soon besides many rumors on the internet give contrasting comments for this release. The reports contains rumors to late, Sony’s PlayStation 4 ‘Orbis’ and Microsoft’s next Xbox 720 rendered for the distinctly Apple-like speculation. Let’s wait which iteration will come first and which ... Read More »

How To Sync Your Google Chrome Bookmarks/History With Your Windows Phone Device

A great internet competition of best browser is running between web surfers like Safari, Firefox or Google’s Chrome. Mostly users go for Google Chrome, while Microsoft is also handling smartphone needs an app which allows easy, problem-free synchronization of data in above two surfers. Keeping in mind the requirements of the users a new app is designed especially for the ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About New iPad Third-Gen – Price, Features, Availability

All of the iOS users, there was an great Event for you which has been ended with many Precious Things which will remain for a long time I think. Apple has announced New Apple TV of 3rd Generation along with the most wanted iPad 3rd generation. Now all the assumptions about iPad 3 has been ended and we are providing ... Read More »

AirBlue Sharing [Review] – Seamless Bluetooth File Transfer for iOS

AirBlue Sharing [Review]  Something new and interesting from the house of iOS developers is ready to tell to the iOS lovers. The new Bluetooth file sharing application named ‘AirBlue’ Sharing by iOS developer Eric Day is out there for iOS users. The iOS developers provide a quick access and easy file transfer between phones or machines from short distances. The ... Read More »

iOS App Review – Infinity Blade II

iOS App Review – Infinity Blade II Infinity Blade II Review: 3D duel-fest is back again, and trying to answer a number of queries leftover from the first installment. Infinity Blade has had a massive impact on marketing the iPad and iPhone as authentic gaming options, with HD visuals and touchscreen controls. Properly Epic hasn’t tampered with the formula considerably, ... Read More »