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AirBlue Sharing 0.9.99 Deb With More Localizations

Latest AirBlue Sharing 0.9.99 has been released with additional Localization. AirBlue Sharing deb 0.9.99 has option to move Air Blue Sharing cells to the front of Notification Center. All credit goes to Eric Day who is the developer of this famous tweak. AirBlue Sharing 0.9.99 For iOS 5 has some better achievements for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users which ... Read More »

AirBlue Sharing [Review] – Seamless Bluetooth File Transfer for iOS

AirBlue Sharing [Review]  Something new and interesting from the house of iOS developers is ready to tell to the iOS lovers. The new Bluetooth file sharing application named ‘AirBlue’ Sharing by iOS developer Eric Day is out there for iOS users. The iOS developers provide a quick access and easy file transfer between phones or machines from short distances. The ... Read More »